Simple Limb

Langläufer - Prothesis under $30

Langläufer is a simple limb Leg Prosthetics, which can be produced local, quickly, cheaply, simple with a high degree of flexibility and robustness out of upcycled skis.

“there are as many as 45-50 million anti-personnel landmines scattered in 82 countries, and they kill or maim an estimated 300-400 people – mostly civilians – every week.“

For these people, their life after sugery will be very different from life before surgery. This can affect them the rest of their life:
Hundreds of thousands cannot go to work and in poorer countries they cannot provide the basic needs for their families. Many of these people could be helped with a prosthesis. Even with the simplest walking or grasping aid, they might return to or find work and be able to feed their families. A leg or arm prosthesis is important for the victims vitality for many reasons; it not only gives them their mobility back, but they are again viable in society. Without a prosthesis they cannot go to school or work in the fields so as to ensure
their and their families’ survival. The victim must be able to move in difficult terrain and at the same time do thier work while wearing the prosthetic. Defective prostheses must be easy to repair. To develop a leg and a hand prosthesis at this price,with technical and aesthetic features is a major challenge. According to UNICEF a few stable crutches costs only 25 euros per child. For a child‘s lower leg prosthesis the cost is 150 euros. Add to this some very simple prosthetic hands that are rigid or have at most a grapple, and the cost increases.

  • course: product design
  • semester: VI
  • projectpartner: Alexander Lotz
  • supervised by: Prof. Gerhard Reichert