The Riwa table-soccer combines premium design and challenging gameplay by the choice of valuable materials which complement function and aesthetics.
The HPL-coated multiplex-plate and the concrete molded feet unite precision and solid gameplay.

The geometric and minimalistic appearance seems catchy and well balanced with the necessary high weight.

One of the main benefits holds the drawer behind the goal-walls. It has enough space, to carry balls, lubricant and helpful tools which are located within reach.

The new designed score counter, is embedded within the concrete surface and appears very restrained.
To show the score, one unit needs to be pressed down slightly into the surface. Due to a push and pop mechanism the block rises to an upper level.
The Score is easily notable whilst playing because of its color coding. The main Focus lies on the ball draft and its recirculation.

The ball is guided to the ball return by a tubing system.
The ball draft isn’t visible on the first look.The user just needs to swipe over the lower edge of the
table and the ball turns right into the users hands due to a slant. This limits the loss of time whilesearching the ball, and a fluent gameplay is ensured.