Mines that cost as little as $3 on the open market can cost as much as $1,000 each to clear. 45-50 million anti-personnel landmines in 82 countries, kill or maim ~400 people – mostly civilians –every week.

Demin‘air is an autonomously running, wind-powered device that is heavy enough to detonate landmines as it rolls across the ground.

The Low Tech-Front is formed by a modular roller which is approximately the height and weight of the average man, allowing it to trigger landmines as it rolls across them.

It consists of twelve biodegradable elastics, which allows the demin‘air to roll over bumps, holes and other obstacles. They are tensioned in a simple ratchet system between the front axle.

The rear of the self-sufficient working vehicle consists of a durable armored unit.
It contains an airborne wind turbine, a battery and a steering module, so that the vehicle can drive the previously planned route systematically. A GPS unit maps the route the Demin‘air has taken and show the cleaned areas on an App an Website.

After a detonation the vehicle is reversing and scans the drum for damage. If a rubber band was destroyed it can be replaced easily and conveniently due to the modular system. After the repair the vehicle moves forward autonomously.

  • course: process design
  • semester: VI
  • supervised by: Annke Osthues